Bright beginnings

You never know what a day will bring!  Routine, chaos, excitement or boredom but that day (24 hours) is a gift.  It is a gift to you but it is only good for one day.  No other day will be exactly like it again.  You must choose how to use that day!  I choose to know the Lord and experience the challenges of the day safely from the view that He controls the measure of the day, the events of the day, and the outcome of the day if I acknowledge His gift and ask of Him how best to use this gift.

Bonnie’s Babbling Blog

Hope I really don’t just babble.   That sounds as if I don’t have a clue about what I think or want to say but I do know what I think and usually say what I mean.  So, rather I would like to believe the babbling part is bubbly, overflowing expressions of my thoughts and heart.  So join me when you feel like it, read when it suits you, and bear with me as I go through this life given to me.